Win a Rainforest Bit!

… and help to save endangered Rainforest bit by bit with NFTs!

Rainforest Bits can only be earned by supporting the Rainforest Protection Campaign. Participate in the raffles and win & save real Rainforest!

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available to be won!

How it works

RFT #001-228 with a size of about 2,533 m² will be frozen. That means it can’t be sold anymore. Then 2,533 Rainforest Bits with a size of 1 m² will be created out of RFT #001-228.

The mega prize

Every Rainforest Bit has an equal chance of winning the largest RFT of the the Genesis Edition with the unique Statement “MEGA CHONK CARBON SINK”. The winner will save 7,793.9 m² of endangered Rainforest!
The winning address will be drawn amongst all Rainforest Bits owners.
Stay tuned and collect as many Rainforest Bits as you can!