A guide on how to purchase Rainforest Tokens (RFT)

This is a step-by-step guide on how to buy RFTs. In this article, we’ll go over the following.

  • Setting up a blockchain wallet.
  • Funding your wallet with cryptocurrencies. 
  • Purchasing and viewing your newly acquired Rainforest Token and claiming your role as a Rainforest Protector. 


Using crypto payments. 

The Rainforest Token is minted on the Polygon Network (Formerly Matic Network), an Ethereum-compatible blockchain with cheap transaction fees (about 0.01$) and better transaction speed and almost negligible ecological footprint. 

In order to access the blockchain network, you’ll need to have compatible wallets like MetaMask, Rainbow wallet, Coinbase wallet etc.

However, in this article we’ll be focusing mostly on MetaMask, as it is the most popular and versatile wallet to use.

Setting up a wallet

Setting up a MetaMask wallet is easy, if you are using a computer browser such as Google Chrome. You can add the chrome extension here.


Create/importing a wallet 

Select “Import wallet” if you already have a wallet, if you do not have a wallet, select the “Create a Wallet” option and follow the instructions to create one.rainforest

Make a secure note of your secret recovery phrase. The secret recovery phrase is needed if you want to access your wallet with another device, forget your password or have to reinstall your wallet. Make sure you keep your secret recovery phrase (seed phrase) safe; losing it could result in the loss of your wallet, and if it falls into the wrong hands, it can be hacked and hijacked.

Setting up MetaMask to connect to the Polygon network

After installing your MetaMask wallet, you will notice the default network is the “Ethereum network”, 


The next step would be to add the Polygon Network to your MetaMask wallet.

This can be done using two methods.

  • Automatically using the chainlist website, you’ll have the Polygon network setting added to your wallet. rainforest
  • By manually adding the Polygon Network and details

To manually add the polygon network settings you’ll need to carefully follow these steps.

  • Step 1:  go to the settings, find “network”, then select “add network” or you find “Custom RPC” if you are using a computer.
  • Step 2 : add the following details: 

Network Name: Polygon

New RPC URL: https://polygon-rpc.com

ChainID: 137

Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL: https://polygonscan.com/

  • Step 3: Click SAVErainforest

Congratulations, You have now manually connected to the Polygon / Matic mainnet with your MetaMask Wallet! 

It’s vital to remember that transactions on the Polygon network require its native cryptocurrency MATIC, which serves as payment for transaction fees; as a result, you must have at least 0.1 Matic in your wallet to carry out transactions.

Funding your wallet

Once your wallet has been set up, the next step is to fund your wallet with cryptocurrencies which will be used for the process; at least 0.1 Matic (for gas fees) – WETH or DAI as payment tokens. 

Once your wallet has been set up, the next step is to fund your wallet with Polygon’s native cryptocurrency Matic. You can purchase Matic on various exchanges such as Binance or Crypto.com. Matic can be easily swapped to WETH or DAI with MetaMask. Those Tokens are needed in order to pay on OpenSea. Make sure you always have at least 0.1 Matic in your wallet for the gas fees.

Make sure you bought the correct native Matic, also use the Polygon Network to withdraw Matic from your chosen exchange to your MetaMask wallet address. It is important that you ensure you select the correct Matic and network, as selecting the wrong one can lead to a loss of funds.


How to swap Matic for ETH/DAI using MetaMask

After confirming the deposit of Matic in to your MetaMask wallet, you can then swap into the required token; ETH/ DAI by doing the following:

  • Step 1: select the “Swap” button and proceed to the next interface 
  • Step 2: under  “swap to” select the token (ETH/DAI) you wish to swap to
  • Step 3: input the amount of Matic tokens and proceed by clicking “Review swap”rainforest
  • Step 4: review the transaction and ensure like amount of tokens are correct, click “Swap” to proceed.


  • Step 5: the swap is now complete, the ETH/DAI token swapped will be sent immediately to your wallet. You can now proceed to OpenSea and carry out your purchase. 

Purchasing Rainforest tokens on OpenSea


Now that you have successfully transferred ETH/DAI and Matic to your MetaMask wallet, the next step is to go to the official OpenSea page of  the rainforest tokens.


Select the NFT you wish to purchase, complete and confirm checkout.


select “buy now” and follow the instructions asking to approve, sign in, and purchase the NFT. Ensure that you have enough Dai/ ETH to purchase the NFT, and Matic for gas fees. 


Complete the process, and the NFT will be sent to your wallet address instantly. Congratulations you have successfully purchased a Rainforest Token.

You can view your RFT token by simply going to “accounts” under the settings tab,


Select “profile”, the Rainforest NFT will appear under the “collected” tab.

You can head over to the discord and collect the protector role using collabland. 

Other purchase methods

There are other purchase methods to consider when purchasing an RFT token on OpenSea, you can also use the moonpay card payment method integrated into OpenSea,


Disclaimer: Moonpay may take 2-3 days to process crypto transactions, and in some cases the process may fail altogether.

Larger customers (5 RFT tokens or more) can make use of the contact form available here.

Hope all this makes sense! If you have any questions, come to our Discord channel and feel free to ask anything, and we’ll be sure to answer!

FUND THE PLANET is a German-based blockchain company that focuses on rainforest preservation—focused on providing a transparent and sustainable environmental solution that enables people from around the world to adopt and protect endangered rainforests. The mission is to create a fast-scaling system that will prevent the collapse of the Amazon and effectively fight climate change and redefine corporate and individual sustainability by providing tangible proof of impact. To learn more visit our documentation. You can also visit the Rainforest Explorer to view our rainforest conservation efforts of each parcel in real-time.