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Nature is disappearing rapidly at a pace we cannot fully comprehend, posing the greatest threat to humanity and our planet.

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Taking responsibility, we’ve been searching for the best way to preserve our planet. We found it and made it our mission to save the most endangered and crucial ecosystems of our planet!

We began our mission in the Amazon Rainforest in 2021 with a simple vision: a healthy planet Earth with thriving ecosystems. We acquire pieces of endangered rainforest land working together with individuals and organizations all around the world to protect them – all while maintaining full transparency.

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This is Fund the Planet

We want to live in a world where saving nature is more profitable than destroying it. Our solution allows people and businesses around the world to rescue pieces of rainforest together.


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Do you have questions or ideas? We’d love to hear them! Rene and his team always have an open ear. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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At the click of a button you can save a personal piece of the Amazon rainforest and ensure it stays safe from deforestation. You will immediately receive access to your piece of rainforest and will be able to track it to the square meter.

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