We want to help everyone to get directly involved in the protection of nature

We want to live in a world where saving nature is more profitable than destroying it. We’ve come up with a sustainable solution for the age-old issue of “the tragedy of the commons”:

We buy rainforest real estate from tropical communities, and sell it to people anywhere on the globe, with the guarantee that the forest remains untouched.

We want to Fund The Planet!

Meet the Founders

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Co-Founder & Chief Executive Otter


Co-Founder & Chief Sustainability Officer


Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer


Co-Founder & IT Duck

Enabling people from around the world to adopt and protect endangered rainforests.

We are a Germany based impact startup. Our team comes from different backgrounds, with the one key denominator of wanting to do something for the environment. Something that REALLY helps.

We acquire rainforest land from governments, NGOs and private persons for the sole purpose of preserving it . Our organisation makes sure the forest remains untouched and sells it to prospective buyers around the world.

How could a tokenized rainforest be a solution?

The Land

Tropical communities sometimes have no choice but to put their rainforests to use by clearing the land and growing commercial crops.

Cooperation as new alternative

Our solution offers a new market for these lands. If these communities sell their rainforests to us instead of clearing it for farming, practically we’d be paying them to keep such natural habitats untouched. 


Preserving biodiversity and fighting climate change would finally pay off, because by leaving their forests untouched, tropical communities could simply make more money. 

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