Traceable and Compelling Environmental Impact

Organizational impact without traceability has been proven to be meaningless repeatedly.
End greenwashing now and start to connect with your customers through nature.

3 Simple Steps to Level Up Your Sustainability Actions

We Take Pride in Our Impact

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Solutions We Have

Proof of Impact

Equip your products with our RFID tags or QR codes for transparent proof of their positive environmental impact. Make a difference, and let your customers witness it firsthand.

Amazon Rainforest Gift Card

Offer the gift of conservation with our Amazon Rainforest Gift Card. It’s not just a gift; it’s a contribution to preserving Earth’s precious resources and biodiversity.

Your Conservation Site in Amazonia

Become an environmental steward with our support. Set up your own conservation site in the Amazon Rainforest and actively contribute to the fight against climate change.

What We Do Differently

You can fight climate change and biodiversity loss with Rainforest Tokens!

Your Token immediately compensates for your environmental impact and certifies the the conservation of endangered rainforest on the blockchain. This helps the nature and local communities alike with no hidden middle men involved.

Overall, a time efficient and affordable method to create a big positive change in yourself and the world.


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