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Stop greenwashing by connecting with your customers through the power of nature and making a difference for our planet.

Making a Difference Only Takes Three Steps

Join us today and start making a difference to protect our planet in the most sustainable and rewarding way. We offer a fully customizable and transparent solution, allowing you to prove the positive impact you have on the world. Rescuing pieces of rainforest is an incredibly powerful yet cost-effective way to do good – and it takes only three simple steps to start.

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Book your free personal demo call with us. We will introduce our solutions and are curious to learn more about your business.

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Customize our solution to your requirements. Together, we will be looking at your needs and find the right way for you and your customers.

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Communicate your positive impact to your customers and demonstrate your commitment to a better future.

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Customization to your needs

Solutions for Your Business

Impact Marketing for Customers

Equip your products with our RFID tags or QR codes for transparent proof of their positive environmental impact. Make a difference, and let your customers witness it firsthand.

Amazon Rainforest Gift Card

Offer the gift of conservation with our Amazon Rainforest Gift Card. It’s not just a gift; it’s a contribution to preserving Earth’s precious resources and biodiversity.

Reward Your Employees

Get your team to take action in environmental matters. You could set up a digital rainforest for your company and expand the size to reward good actions.

Our approach offers unique benefits

What Makes Us Unique

No middle man

Fund the Planet is your service provider, landowner and conservation plan organizer. We take care of everything from forest protection over technology to marketing support and you will always know where to find us!

Guaranteed Impact

Fund the Planet supports you with the tools to make sure your impact is actually effective. We enable 100% traceability and take full responsibility for the conservation of the rainforest you are rescuing.

Digital Identity

Our Rainforest Explorer web-app allows you to directly link to the pieces of rainforest you are rescuing. The nature becomes tangible for you and your customers while offering all comforts of a fully digital solution.

How Do We Protect the Rainforest?​


Look for endangered Rainforest Land​


Purchase the land and take legal control


Allow everyone to save personal pieces


Due diligence of land for legal verification


Conservation set-up with local communities​


Ensure conservation together with you

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Rescue rainforests around the world in the most rewarding way. Our customizable and transparent solution allows you to prove your positive impact and connect with your customers through the power of nature.