The Rainforest Explorer


The Rainforest Explorer is a 3D interactive interface that was created to enhance the experience of being a rainforest token holder. It’s a virtual world map that shows you the rainforest you’re protecting by holding an RFT, bringing the NFT to life. With the Rainforest Explorer, we hope to demonstrate that the RFT token is more than just another NFT; it’s a tangible asset that can be viewed and verified by anyone in real time, fostering a real connection with the rainforest and nature.

The FTP team wants our protectors to be able to see the positive impact they’re having in partnership with the FTP team. We want to earn their trust by being as transparent as possible about the team’s operations in procuring and protecting rainforests. This interface gives our community the opportunity to be a part of this journey.

Rainforest explorer

With the rainforest explorer, we hope to provide a unique experience for protectors and potential RFT holders by allowing them to connect with the rainforest, bringing the asset to life and evoking powerful emotions, and we have interesting features to do so.

What can the Rainforest Explorer be used for ?

  • Sustainability ownership: By using the Rainforest Explorer, which is completely customisable by the RFT owner, we want to provide RFT holders the possibility to create a sustainability identity with their RFT. This was developed to offer validation of the beneficial effects of their RFT on the ecosystem and to explore in real time the long-term effects of protecting the rainforest.
Rainforest explorer
  • Impact training: The rainforest explorer keeps protectors up to speed on facts like CO2 captured, fresh water, and so on, demonstrating the good impact of rainforest conservation. The Rainforest Explorer was designed as a way to interact with like-minded people, ESG-aware individuals who care profoundly about our planet, and to foster the power of community centered on rainforest preservation.

Features of the Rainforest Explorer.

The rainforest explorer has lots and lots of exciting features, that were designed with the protector in mind, creating an interface that allows for curated and seamless interaction with the rainforest with exciting features such as;

  • Impact training: The Rainforest Explorer features a statistics section that details your impacts, with data such as CO2 captured since mint, fresh water produced since mint, and lots of interesting data at your fingertips. You can also learn more about the rainforest ecosystems, or biomes, that are contained within the land parcels protected by you.

Rainforest explorer


  • Social media handles tag: An owner’s section exists where you can link your social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, and Discord to your rainforest explorer profile, allowing you to show off your sustainable impact on the planet while monitoring key metrics.
Rainforest explorer
  • Follow the Team & Project= Transparency: Also created is a special feature that allows protectors to see groundwork by the FTP team all around the world, so everyone can be a part of the FTP journey. We aim to achieve a level of transparency that will improve the trust of our protectors.
Rainforest explorer

By clicking on a pin/landmark, you can see all the valuable information about the area, the work carried out by the FTP Team, and lots of other amazing information.

Roadmap for the Rainforest Explorer.

At FUND THE PLANET, we are committed to building a platform that inspires confidence and curiosity in our protectors and community. In the near future, we’ll be rolling out updates that reflect that commitment. We have lots of amazing features that will be rolled out, such as:

  • We aim to integrate a market data overlay, which will show the current prices and analyze data such as price per square meter or square feet, most expensive or cheapest RFTs, and so on.
  • Personalized rainforest parcels, on which protectors will be able to customize their parcels to their desired outlook.
  • Rainforest Protectors will have access to special PFPs, banners, and QR codes for their own RFT NFTs.
  • We have special integrations such as 24 hour sounds recorded in the rainforest, real-time weather information, and tons of other incredible and exciting additions. Our aim is to foster a connection with the rainforest by making it as real as possible.
  • The rainforest protectors will have the exclusive right to use the footage for certain purposes.

The purpose of the rainforest explorer is to bring a new level of transparency and tangibility to the rainforest token. Our aim is to create an immersive experience around the rainforest token, and the rainforest explorer does just that. There will be lots of exciting updates, so be sure to keep an eye out. Until then, keep exploring and saving our rainforests.

FUND THE PLANET is a German-based blockchain company that focuses on rainforest preservation—focused on providing a transparent and sustainable environmental solution that enables people from around the world to adopt and protect endangered rainforests. The mission is to create a fast-scaling system that will prevent the collapse of the Amazon and effectively fight climate change and redefine corporate and individual sustainability by providing tangible proof of impact. To learn more visit our documentation. You can also visit the Rainforest Explorer to view our rainforest conservation efforts of each parcel in real-time.