Here are answers to some of the most common questions asked about how we protect rainforests and more. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Get In Touch and we’ll be happy to help however we can.

About Rainforest Tokens 

What are RFTs?

RFT stands for Rainforest Token and it represents a piece of fractionalized real rainforest land. Each RFT is unique, and represents a specific piece of land, at a certain location. Furthermore, the RFT serves as a validation of your positive impact and grants you access to different services from FUND THE PLANET.

How to buy Rainforest Tokens?

You can buy Rainforest Tokens in two different ways:

  • You can purchase Rainforest Tokens directly from our website. Simply add to the cart and make your payment with the best available payment method for you. 
  • We also offer Peer-to-Peer purchases, you can contact us here to facilitate a purchase. This might be your preferred method if you’d either like to pay by bank wire or purchase large amounts.

How are Rainforest Tokens valued?

Rainforest tokens take into account several financial factors, such as acquisition costs, maintenance, taxes, and more. You can find a detailed review of the cost model of the Rainforest Token Genesis Edition

How is the rainforest saved through RFTs?

The seller of the rainforest land obviously wants to monetize it, and this usually works by clear-cutting it for agriculture or industrial use. By buying an RFT you basically overbid a mining company, cattle farmer, or someone else who would clear the land for business purposes. After shattering their not-so-sustainable dreams, we start to preserve the rainforest and never stop!

Do I directly own the rainforest represented by my RFT?

No, because the regulations and laws aren’t ready for this, yet. FUND THE PLANET will be the official owner in government papers, but only you, as the owner of RFT, are fully entitled to account for the positive impact of that piece of rainforest, while Fund the Planet takes care of the protection, preservation, administration, taxes, and other costs. Please check the terms and conditions as well as our contact page for more info!

About The Rainforest Explorer

What can I see in the Rainforest Explorer?

The Rainforest Explorer shows an interactive map with the protected rainforest lands, your conserved parcel, and other RFT holders. It intends to make the real-world impact of RFTs more tangible.

What features will the Rainforest Explorer have?

Future features will include Metamask integration, an RFT ranking, social tagging, and live data for all rainforest tokens. The goal is to create an immersive experience around conserving and viewing your rainforest parcel.

Can I visit the land represented by my Rainforest Token?  

Yes, As an RFT owner, you will have the right to visit your specific parcel of rainforest with permission from FUND THE PLANET. Eco-tourism trips will also be available for RFT owners in the future.   

About Our Conservation Efforts

Are you talking about the real, actual rainforest?

Absolutely, right we are! You can virtually visit the rainforest using the Rainforest Explorer and see the forests in real time. Check it out here.

How is the rainforest ecosystem paid for?

The initial sale is enough to cover the costs of the land purchase, conservation work, taxes, etc. This spreadsheet details the financial background of how the rainforests are conserved.

Who is stewarding the forests?

The FUND THE PLANET conservation committee located in Sarayacu is taking care of the land. The Committee consists of more than 50 members (as of August 2022) and is led by Mr. Angel Lopez (forest engineer and former landowner).

How is the land protected from deforestation?  

FUND THE PLANET employs local conservation teams, security personnel, and monitoring technology to protect rainforest areas from illegal logging, mining, and other threats. The teams also work with local communities.

Do I have any responsibilities by owning an RFT?

No. The owner of an RFT is the only party who is entitled to account for the environmental benefits, e.g. the CO2 capturing and storing – because it’s YOU who causes and maintains the change by owning the RFT! Besides enjoying the benefits, all responsibilities for preserving the rainforest are handled by us.

How do RFT sales fund conservation?  

Proceeds from RFT sales cover the costs of acquiring rainforest land, protecting it from deforestation, creating jobs as an alternative to deforestation, developing eco-tourism, and supporting local communities.

 About Sustainability

What are the benefits of owning a Rainforest Token?

RFTs offer the rare opportunity to have an actual, quantifiable impact on the planet. With the RFT you empower forest protection, keep endangered species alive, and you might well be at the forefront of the carbon emissions market that is estimated to hit $53 Trillion dollars by 2025.

How can I track my RFT’s impact over time?

In the future, FUND THE PLANET aims to provide impact reports and metrics for RFT holders through the Rainforest Explorer. For now, you have access to information such as CO2 captured and stored, area protected, freshwater produced, and so on.

How does buying a Rainforest Token help me live more sustainably?  

Buying a Rainforest Token funds the conservation of real rainforest land that protects ecosystems, sequesters tons of carbon emissions, and provides other ecosystem services that support life. You can account for the positive impact of that conserved land.

How much impact does owning an RFT have?

Owning an RFT has a long-term impact on our planet because it protects rainforests that will continue to provide benefits for decades or centuries. At any given point in time, an RFT is responsible for storing tons of C02 in the thousands.  The impact could benefit future generations. 

How to get involved?

Why would I want to buy an RFT? What can I do with it?

You are not alone in your desire to effectively and transparently defend the rainforest from destruction. Unfortunately, most people – including you – are powerless to change anything right now. This is because it is not a straightforward process for an individual, and it can be frustrating and unrewarding.

RFTs, on the other hand, are a game-changer! By purchasing an RFT, you can follow through on your own beliefs and finally act with ecological integrity. Furthermore, with certifications and a variety of stunning features, you can confidently confirm and exhibit your work and devotion. The best aspect is that you can formally account for CO2 stored and captured, biodiversity maintained, freshwater and oxygen produced, and more with those certifications. The rainforest is indeed magnificent, and the rest of the world will be grateful for your efforts.



What are the benefits of working with FUND THE PLANET?

Increased Brand Awareness: By partnering with FUND THE PLANET, your business or company will increase its brand awareness and reach a new audience of environmentally conscious consumers. 

Enhanced CSR and ESG Impact: A partnership with FUND THE PLANET will help your business not only improve its CSR impact but also seamlessly integrate its impact into ESG reports and demonstrate its commitment to sustainability. The opportunity to support conservation efforts and protect rainforests.

Reduced Environmental Impact: By working with us, your company can significantly reduce its environmental impact by accounting for carbon stored and captured by directly preserving rainforests.  This is alongside supporting sustainable development projects. 

Access to New Markets: A partnership with FUND THE PLANET will provide businesses and companies access to new markets, such as the growing market for sustainable products and services. The ability to connect with customers and stakeholders who are interested in sustainability. Learn more

How can working with FUND THE PLANET help us achieve our sustainability goals

If your company’s sustainability goals are aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals, then FUND THE PLANET is an organization that provides a seamless way to transparently and accountably achieve these goals in perpetuity. Our conservation efforts cut across 3 pivotal SDGs: 8, 13, and 15. 

Our Solution provides the perfect platform to not only spread awareness of your sustainability efforts but offer the opportunity to carry your customers along on the journey by integrating RFTs with your products. 

How can we measure the impact of our work with FUND THE PLANET?

FUND THE PLANET equips businesses with tools to measure the positive impact of their sustainability efforts. We publish annual impact reports detailing the progress made in protecting rainforests supported by partnering businesses.   

The Rainforest Explorer provides companies with data dashboards tracking the status of their adopted rainforests. Further, we encourage businesses to engage with rainforest communities through education, training, and economic development projects. This community engagement helps businesses understand and maximize the effectiveness of their sustainability initiatives. With these tools, companies gain insights to improve and evolve their sustainability efforts over time.


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