How to check if FUND THE PLANET really owns the rainforest?

You probably all know about virtual lands and digital real estate in the NFT world such as Decentraland and Sandbox in the Metaverse. They are the reason our concept is confusing for a lot of folks, even for those who are familiar with digital industries. Many people falsely assume that our forests are digital real estate too. That’s not the case! We are dealing with real, living, virgin rainforest land. Since the Rainforest Protection Campaign rolled out, one of the most frequently asked questions We receive is “Does FUND THE PLANET really own its rainforests?”. Well, Yes! FUND THE PLANET is the official owner of the parcels located in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.

Our Brand Name is FUND THE PLANET

This is what we’d like to be known as. Our social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on are branded as FUND THE PLANET. 

Our Company Name is Green Token GmbH

This is our name for the boring stuff. When we sign any official paperwork, we do it under this name. It means our assets (the parcels in the Amazon Rainforest in this case) are registered under the name of Green Token GmbH in every document. This is common practice. Think of it as a parent organisation. For example, since 2021 Facebook is the brand name that belongs to its parent organisation, Meta.

List of the legal documents of the RFT Genesis Edition:


The Genesis Edition of RFTs represent 6 parcels in total. Here you can see the name and registry number of each parcel. In Peru, each parcel has its own name and ID number, like a natural person. Isn’t that sweet? Based on this information, you can already identify the documents in the database (even if you don’t speak Spanish).  


In the following, I will share with you all of the land ownership documents on the Peruvian Public Registry database, and explain how to verify them:


Below you find the direct link to each parcel in the Peruvian Public Registry database. You can see all the legal information you need to know about this piece of land, such as the ownership history, coordinates, name and ID of each parcel, and more. 


For your information: As I mentioned, each document contains the ownership history of each parcel. It means the documents are quite long. Since Green Token GmbH (aka FUND THE PLANET) is the latest owner, our name is shown on the last page of each document. By the way, please give the documents some time to load because the size of each one is huge. It is worth being patient if this can relieve the doubt in your mind ;). 

  1. Jovita (45.6857 ha)
  2. Milagros (46.6611 ha)
  3. Oswaldo (47.6070 ha)
  4. Gloria (49.2042 ha)
  5. Deysi (48.1995 ha)
  6. Diego (48.1752 ha)

If you still have any questions, feel free to join our Discord! You can find most of the answers and me (@Bunny) in our channel! Feel free to ask anything there as well. I look forward to seeing you on board and having you in the Rainforest Protection Campaign ;).

For a flourishing nature,