Our Manifesto

Imagine that you live in London but there is a precious piece of rainforest in Brazil because of you. There’s an actual piece of land – ancient rainforest land – that stays untouched & unharmed, and you account for it.

We finally have an idea that could deeply impact our ecosystem, and we can help other environmentally conscious people to actually do something really significant, too.

We are buying and preserving rainforest, and saving it from destruction. And you can participate and benefit from it. This is an effective way to save biodiversity, stop global warming and cause drastic change in many other ongoing environmental affairs.

For the past years, we’ve grown increasingly aware of our wasteful lifestyle and our inability to make a meaningful change.  It is undeniable that we are causing a negative impact on our nature and our whole planet. 

For decades we have witnessed rainforests and other untouched natural habitats disappear at an alarming rate. We want to turn our focus towards protecting the natural resources that we have left.

Providing a superior alternative to landowners in rainforest regions is the idea behind Fund The Planet.

Let us explain why: Rainforest landowners have very limited opportunities when it comes to monetizing their resources besides selling them to companies who clear land for agriculture, mining and other businesses. Deforestation is not only accelerating the process of savannization of the Amazon Rainforest locally but also leading to irreversible global climate change. Every six seconds, a primary rainforest the size of a football pitch is being destroyed. Instead of sequestering additional CO2, this massive deforestation emits more CO2 than Germany and causes dozens of species’ extinction day-by-day.

The problem is not just the destruction of rainforest lands, but that we also can’t regrow them as they were. 

It took thousands of years for natural rainforests to grow – recreating these ecosystems on now human-contaminated land remains uncertain. Together, we can stop this vicious cycle by disrupting the established economic system by providing a better alternative to landowners. They would not only make much more money, but the forests would remain intact, untouched. 

Let us explain how. The idea is to enable ourselves and other earth-conscious people to make a sustainable impact on this far-away ecosystem. Most of us had been already working in the Blockchain industry for years when we realized:

Blockchain is the missing link between rainforests and earth-conscious people around the world. 

The solution was simple: After buying rainforests from landowners, we put them on the Blockchain, and offer them to people around the world, creating a cycle in which hectare after hectare of primary rainforest will be preserved.

To do so – in short – we mint Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) via the Polygon protocol on the Ethereum blockchain, and each NFT represents a specific rainforest area.  This enables the owner of the token to easily show and verify full accountability for the positive impact being generated by that specific piece of rainforest. The tokens are distributed on a public exchange, where they can be bought and sold by anyone who is interested in saving a piece of rainforest. 

By holding a Rainforest NFT, you officially keep that represented piece of land safe and therefore you are accountable for all its positive impact.

All that flora and fauna is safe and secure thanks to you. In addition to this nice side effect  you are accountable for providing the livelihood for everyone and everything on earth: Oxygen, fresh water, biodiversity, carbon sequestering, carbon sink, and more. This is a fantastic option to live your life or run your business in an environmentally positive way. 

In the future we want to grow and preserve coral reefs and restore destroyed nature, and do even more!

For a flourishing Nature,