Terms of Service


The following terms and conditions (the “Terms of Service”) govern specific aspects of your use of the Services, including any content, functionality and services offered. The Terms of Services are to be understood and executed as part of the Terms and Conditions and all other parts thereof. In case of any conflict with the terms and conditions of the Terms and Conditions, the terms and conditions of the Terms of Service shall prevail.

Fund The Planet offers various Services. Please, find the respective terms and conditions for each Service below.

1. Rainforest Tokens minted as part of the Rainforest Protection Campaign

As part of the Rainforest Protection Campaignection Campaign, Fund the Planet provides certain Services, which can be redeemed and are accessible through Rainforest Tokens. Rainforest Tokens are minted in order to preserve rainforests and each of them belongs to a certain edition. Please, find the applicable edition below:

1.1 Genesis Edition

The following clauses apply to all and only the Rainforest Tokens of the Genesis Edition (the “Genesis RFTs”, singular the “Genesis RFT”). Genesis RFTs are identified as part of the Rainforest Protection Campaign and are part of the Genesis Edition of the Rainforest Protection Campaign. A Genesis RFT can be identified by its Token ID, which can be found in the image and in the metadata of every Genesis RFT, which is one of the consecutive IDs starting with the 001-001, followed by 001-002 and so on until 001-635.
Genesis RFTs were minted and distributed to preserve endangered rainforest in Peru.

1.1.1 Genesis RFT

A Genesis RFT is a voucher in the form of a non-fungible utility token. These tokens are smart contracts on the Polygon Blockchain, which is a second layer blockchain on the Ethereum Blockchain.
A Genesis RFT entitles its owner to obtain and use certain services from Fund the Planet, which can only be accessible through the Website. Therefore, please understand and agree to the Terms of Use before obtaining a Genesis RFT.

1.1.2 Validity

The Genesis RFTs are valid until 2122-01-01. At this date or any later date Fund the Planet has the right to disable any or all Genesis RFTs by any method, including, but not limited to, freezing or manipulating them. A Genesis RFT entitles its owner to redeem and use services from Fund the Planet if and only if it is valid.

1.1.3 Non-Refundable

The Genesis RFTs are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full.

1.1.4 Transferable

The Genesis RFTs are transferable.

1.1.5 Satellite Images Copyright

Satellite images © 2021 Microsoft/Bing and suppliers.

1.1.6 Not an Investment Product

The Genesis RFT is not an investment product and should not be bought and used as one.