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Rescue personal pieces of the Amazon rainforest in the most transparent way.

As an Individual

Experience your instant rainforest conservation success on our revolutionary platform.

As a Business

Engage with your customers through saving rainforest on a transparent and trusted platform.

True Wonder of the World

The Amazon rainforest is our best chance in the fight against climate change.

An Ecosystem Worth Saving

The Amazon rainforest is an incredibly valuable ecosystem for our planet. But man-made deforestation puts it at the verge of collapse. It is time to take action and rescue this beautiful piece of nature!

Why Should We Protect the Amazon Rainforest?

Rich in biodiversity

The Amazon rainforest harbors up to 10% of the world’s known species. From elegant jaguars and vibrant flowers to towering trees and microscopic insects, it is essential for maintaining the planet’s ecological balance.

Invaluable carbon capture

An estimated 2.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide are absorbed each year by the Amazon rainforest. This makes it one of the largest carbon sinks and an important tool in the fight against climate change by offsetting man-made emissions.

At the brink of collapse

Around 20 % of the Amazon rainforest have already been cut down for mostly agricultural and industrial use. Only a few percent more and researchers assume that it will reach a tipping point, making recovery impossible.

Hard to recover

Compared to other forests, the Amazon rainforest is considered to be a lot harder to regrow. Its nutrient-poor soil and complex ecosystem makes a full recovery almost impossible. Now might be our last chance to save it!

1,800,000 m2

You and others are currently protecting 1,800,000 square meters of rainforest.


Over 90,000 trees are currently protected by our awesome customers.

262 metric tons

The protected area has absorbed over 262 metric tons of CO2.

Rescue the Amazon Rainforest With Us


Rescuing a piece of forest takes immediate effect


You will know the exact piece of forest you have rescued


We ensure full transparency in the conservation process

How Do We Protect the Rainforest?​


Look for endangered Rainforest Land​


Purchase the land and take legal control


Allow everyone to save personal pieces


Due diligence of land for legal verification


Conservation set-up with local communities​


Ensure conservation together with you

The Amazon rainforest is our best chance in the fight against climate change.

Let’s Protect Our Future Together!​

Make Rainforest Untouchable

At the click of a button you can save a personal piece of the Amazon rainforest and ensure it stays safe from deforestation. You will immediately receive access to your piece of rainforest and will be able to track it to the square meter.

Rescue 200 m²

of Amazon rainforest

Rescue 500 m²

of Amazon rainforest

Rescue 1250 m²

of Amazon rainforest

Rescue 1250 m²

of Amazon rainforest

What Happens After My Purchase?​

Receive your rainforest

After purchasing, you will receive an email that confirms your order and contains a link leading directly to your piece of the rainforest in our Explorer app.

Keep an eye on your forest

The Explorer app allows you to see your exact piece of forest. You can track its well-being and the positive environmental impact you are making.

Ensure conservation success

We want to see your forest flourish just as much as you! That's why we guarantee a successful conservation. If you are unhappy, you can easily return it within 30 days.

This is Fund the Planet

We want to live in a world where saving nature is more profitable than destroying it. Our solution allows people and businesses around the world to rescue pieces of rainforest together.


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