Enabling people from around the world to adopt and protect endangered rainforest.

You can now buy tokenized rainforest to protect it from destruction and account for its prosperity!

Rainforest Tokens make it easy to act with ecological integrity and to demonstrate it with confidence.

You own a Rainforest Token

Easily accessible, transparent & flexible through Blockchain.

You protect endangered Rainforests

By owning an RFT you directly contribute to the preservation of Rainforest land.

You account for its positive impact

It’s an effective & motivating solution to offset your ecological footprint and act according to your environmental beliefs.

Our supporters have already saved more than
2,000,000 m²
of endangered rainforest!

We acquire and preserve endangered rainforests around the world.

We disrupt the market by providing an alternative to local landowners to monetize their land without the need for deforestation.

We mint Rainforest Tokens, each of which represents a unique piece of these valuable rainforests

We create digitally verified, unique NFTs that represent the acquired rainforest land on the blockchain.

We sell the Rainforest Tokens on public NFT exchanges

You take over from here! The rainforest tokens are publicly traded by everyone! Profits created from each sale will be used to purchase and preserve more rainforests!

Saving Nature

How could a tokenized rainforest be a solution?

The Land

Tropical communities sometimes have no choice but to put their rainforests to use by clearing the land and growing commercial crops.

Cooperation as new alternative

Our solution offers a new market for these lands. If these communities sell their rainforests to us instead of clearing it for farming, practically we’d be paying them to keep such natural habitats untouched. 


Preserving biodiversity and fighting climate change would finally pay off, because by leaving their forests untouched, tropical communities could simply make more money. 

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