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of endangered rainforest already saved!

Welcome to the
Rainforest Protection Campaign!

Get a Rainforest Token
and save some rainforest!

The Rainforest Token is a unique NFT designed to make it easy and rewarding to save rainforests.

You protect endangered rainforest

By owning a Rainforest Token you contribute to the preservation of rainforest. We provide full transparency!

You account for the positive impact

An effective, transparent & motivating solution to offset your ecological footprint and act accordingly to your environmental beliefs.

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Apes together strong! Connect and share in the community, show your impact and change the future!

What is the
Rainforest Protection Campaign?

We acquire and preserve endangered rainforests

The traditional market is disrupted by providing an alternative to local landowners to monetize their land without the need for deforestation.

We mint Rainforest Tokens

Rainforest Tokens are NFTs, each of which represent an unique piece of the preserved rainforest.

We sell the Rainforest Tokens on NFT marketplaces

By owning a Rainforest Token you become part of the Rainforest Protection Campaign, where a lot of benefits await you. Profits generated from each sale will be used to buy and preserve more rainforest!


Features and initiatives we want to implement down the road

Special Surprises

Future rainforest acquisitions and NFT mintings will most likely feature some nice surprises.

Metamask Integration

Enable exclusive features by logging in with Metamask as an owner of an RFT.


See who else protects the world’s rainforests.

Digital World Map

An interactive digital world map which shows the protected lands, the grid with RFTs and their tags.

Promote Mechanism

Promote your RFT and get a new visual version of your RFT. This version can’t leave your address anymore and serves as ultimate proof of you protecting the rainforest.

APIs for Embedding

Implement your RFT collection on your website.

Rainforest Explorer

Explore and learn more about your and other RFTs.

Social Tagging

Tag your RFT with your social media profile on this website.

Carbon Certificates

Log in and get an up-to-date certificate of your positive impact by saving rainforest (CO2, carbon, fresh water and so on!)

Hall of Fame

Only for those who promoted their RFTs.

RFT Banners

Gain access to individual banners of your RFT(s) for your social media profiles.



Disclaimer: The roadmap items are in no particular order and their implementation is highly dependant on the success of the project, thus they can change anytime.


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