The most rewarding way to save rainforest

A Rainforest Token is an NFT which rewards you for saving endangered rainforest.

Only when the reward is big enough for everyone, we can prevent the collapse of the Amazon Rainforest.

How does it work?

Conservation, sustainability
and rewards

Conservation & Sustainability
Clearly, protecting rainforest is the right thing to do! We all know this by heart and science. But did you know it’s also an highly effective way to compensate those environmental impacts, you struggle to reduce? 

Making rainforest protection (more) rewarding for everyone involved will lead to more protection. It’s an obvious concept and Rainforest Tokens make this dream a reality!

What happens when I buy a Rainforest Token?

Almost immediately your Rainforest Token starts compensating your environmental impact and is certifying it on the blockchain.

You also just financed the acquisition and conservation of endangered rainforest and helped the local communities in their sustainable development.

How will I be rewarded?

While you are owning a Rainforest Token you are earning rewards over time.
Those rewards will come in the form of
credits, which can be exchanged for digital and physical assets.

These assets are the result of sustainability investments in nature and their local communities.

Sustainability Investments ?

With the local communities we combine the astonishing rainforests with web3. The results are Rainforest Tokens, Jungle Expedition Tickets, photography art and much more.

A percentage of every primary and secondary sale will create credits for the Rainforest Token owners. That means the success of these investments will be your success, too.

You can sell your Rainforest Token anytime

Rainforest Tokens are NFTs and their ownership can be transferred and sold easily on the blockchain.

As the demand for climate and environmental action is increasing, we believe a resale functionality is valuable.

With Rainforest Tokens in your wallet,
the rainforest is in your life.