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We could no longer witness the loss of rainforests. We couldn’t accept that many initiatives tell nice stories but lack of actual impact.

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No longer bystanders! Let’s save the Amazon rainforest—without bullshit!

We envision a world where everybody is empowered to protect the Amazon rainforest and fight the globally raging environmental crises. That’s when Fund The Planet was born, right here in Munich. A team of 4 quickly grew to 15 people from around the world on different continents, unified by shared values and a common vision.

This is Fund the Planet

Everything we do is based on a deep gratitude for our planet and what makes it unique: nature. We are driven by making nature untouchable and bringing rainforest protection on new level of transparency and reliability. 


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Why Is Deforestation Happening?

Deforested Amazon rainforest in Peru.

In our quest to answer the ‘why deforestation question’, we learned about the desperate choices faced by landowners in the Amazon: clear the land for farming, sell it to the “big guys,” or lose it all. This wasn’t just about trees, it was about a domino effect threatening climate change, biodiversity loss, and ultimately, the future of our planet.

Stopping Deforestation

Fund the Planet team members working inside the Amazon Rainforest in Peru.

Our Unique Approach

The seeds for Fund the Planet were sown by a trio of friends and co-founders, who, during a transformative expedition into the heart of the Amazon, witnessed firsthand the stark contrasts of beauty and devastation.

We started by partnering with indigenous communities like the Sarayacu people in Peru. By offering them alternative sources of income, we empower them to become stewards of their land. But empowering rainforest land owners wasn’t enough. We wanted to leverage technology to create a global movement.

Our Vision for the Future

This isn’t just about saving a few trees, it’s about rewriting the narrative. We’re building a future where environmental sustainability is woven into the fabric of daily life. A world where your choices, from the products you buy to the investments you make, directly and accountably contribute to rainforest conservation and the continued sustenance of our planet.

Let’s fund the planet together!

Rescue Rainforest Now

At the click of a button you can save a personal piece of the Amazon rainforest and ensure it stays safe from deforestation. You will immediately receive access to your piece of rainforest and will be able to track it to the square meter.

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