The Amazon Rainforest,

a Marvellous Ecosystem

The Amazon rainforest is on the brink of reaching its tipping point. Without this vital ecosystem, we will lose the fight against climate change.

About The Amazon Rainforest

The pressure on the world’s largest rainforest is intensifying. It’s time to act now!

The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is a vast tropical rainforest that covers a significant portion of the Amazon biome in South America. It is a wondrous and incredibly biodiverse collection of ecosystems that plays an irreplaceable role in maintaining our planet’s health and climate.

FAQs About the Amazon Rainforest:

Where is the Amazon rainforest located?

The Amazon rainforest is located in South America, spanning 6.7 square kilometers primarily in Brazil, where it covers over half of the country’s landscape, as well as in Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana.

Why is the Amazon rainforest important?

The Amazon rainforest is vital globally for food, water, medicine, and climate stability. It contains one in ten known species. Its billions of trees store 150-200 billion tons of carbon and produce 20 billion tons of water daily, playing a critical role in global carbon and water cycles.

What challenges is the Amazon rainforest facing?

The Amazon rainforest is facing threats from climate change, deforestation for ranching and farming, and infrastructure development from dams and road networks fragmenting habitats. Rising global temperatures, among other issues, are also affecting the rainforest’s health. Urgent action is needed to address climate impacts globally.

Why should we protect the Amazon rainforest?

With over 20 % of it already destroyed, protecting the Amazon rainforest is crucial for it to not reach its tipping point. We need it to fight climate change as a vital carbon sink in the face of extreme greenhouse gas emissions. The Amazon rainforest is vital to preserving biodiversity, providing essential ecosystem services, and secure our planet’s future.


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390 Billion Trees

The Amazon rainforest contains 390 billion trees, three times more than stars in the Milky Way.

1 in 10 Species

The Amazon rainforest is home to one in ten of all known species in the world, including plants, animals, and more!

The Amazon is an ecosystem that has an unquantifiable role on our planet, directly affecting billions of people.

Impact of the Amazon Rainforest

Global Climate

The Amazon rainforest is a vital carbon sink that regulates global weather and provides ecosystem services.


Home to over 10% of known species, the Amazon rainforest is unmatched in biodiversity, with more yet to be discovered!

Medical Research

The Amazon rainforest holds promise for medical discoveries, already providing treatments for cancer, malaria, and more.

Food & Agriculture

The Amazon rainforest’s rich ecosystems nourish soils and cycle waters that enable agriculture, both locally and globally.

Indigenous Cultures

The Amazon rainforest is home to nearly 2 million indigenous people, all depending on it for their cultural survival.

Carbon Storage

The Amazon stores roughly 120 billion tons of carbon which would rapidly accelerate climate change when released.

A part of the Amazon rainforest


The Rainforest We Are Rescuing





CO2 Capturing

1.9 tCO2/ha

Biodiversity Count



567 ha.




Facts About Our Forest

Rainforest Location

The forest we are rescuing is at the coordinates 6°44’41.65″S 75°11’18.34″W, in the buffer zone of the fourth largest national park of Peru.


1,900 tons of CO2 are sequestered from the atmosphere every year and 247,453 tons of carbon are already stored.

Land Registration

The plots are registered with National Superintendency of Public Registries (SUNARP), in the special section for Rural Parcels of the Loreto region, Peru, Sarayacu.


Low-hill forest, low terrace forest, flooded palm forests cover over 80% of our land. Flora and Fauna have a high richness level in the area.


200+ registered or reported species, including endangered and near-threatened species, according to the IUCN Red List.


Deforestation is on the rise. In this region, Sarayacu, there was 1,917 hectares of forest lost in 2020 compared to 654 hectares in 2015.

Rescue Rainforest Now

At the click of a button you can save a personal piece of the Amazon rainforest and ensure it stays safe from deforestation. You will immediately receive access to your piece of rainforest and will be able to track it to the square meter.