Frequently Asked Questions

We are commited to the highest degree of transparency. If you still have open questions after the answers below, do not hestitate to contact us!

You asked, we answered!

Can I also rescue forests with you that are elsewhere in the world?

This is not possible at the moment. We chose the Amazon because virgin forest there is acutely endangered and saving it is very cost-effective. Thus, one can make an insanely large contribution to nature and the climate very efficiently. In contrast, there is hardly any primeval forest left in for example Germany, and fortunately most of it is already in safe nature reserves.

Is it possible to gift rainforest?

Great idea! Unfortunately, this is not yet possible, but we plan to change that soon.

Who is the owner of the forest?

We, FUND THE PLANET with the company Green Token GmbH, became the sole legal owner of the rainforest through the purchase.

Can I see in advance where the rainforest is located?

Of course! Quite simply with our webapp – the Explorer.

Am I donating?

No. A donation would not legally allow us to guarantee the success of the conservation, transfer the rights to the environmental services to you, and provide access to our webapp.

Rescue Rainforest Now

At the click of a button you can save a personal piece of the Amazon rainforest and ensure it stays safe from deforestation. You will immediately receive access to your piece of rainforest and will be able to track it to the square meter.